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Product Detail

Name: Turmeric Powder/Finger

Product Description

We are supplier and exporter of turmeric finger and turmeric powder. Turmeric Powder is a bright yellow spice made from dry turmeric rhizomes. Turmeric has ingredient mainly curcumin which has a wide range of medicinal activities. Indian ayurveda recommend turmeric since ancient vedic time(back to 300 years ago). For varies medicinal use apart from use of turmeric as a spice.

Health benefit of turmeric:
Turmeric(curcuma) longa is a powerful medicine, it has an anti-inflammantory agent to treat wide variety of conditions like jaundice, haemorrhage, chestpain, urine with blood, pain of teeth, menstrual problems, flatulence, brushes, and also colic.

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